• Productive
  • Quality
  • Sustainable
  • Collaborate

Our team

Team Nijhuis Group is evolving, growing and always looking for reinforcements. We manage against the grain to strengthen our team without much effort.

How we do that?

So the trick is in having discipline and a clear raison d’être. Also in giving autonomy and appreciation. After all, success does not come in a day. We are true to our core values every day and we all actively contribute to our ‘work family bond’.

We value each other and achieve a healthy work-life balance together. We clearly know what we want to achieve and that each of us plays an important role in this independently. This makes us strong together. And does everything always go well with us? No, certainly not! We are always learning. But precisely when there are issues to solve, our true constructive nature comes to the fore.

Employees have their say

The most fun you can become is the 𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁 version of yourself. Doing something that you are good at, that you enjoy doing and that matters. Within our company, we look at what this means for each colleague, because everyone is unique. How does this work? Some of our (former) colleagues tell us about it.