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Creating productive solutions for manufacturing companies.

Grow Fairly Together

Our mission is to support manufacturing companies in achieving greater business productivity. We do this by making unique constructions to machine parts made of rubber, steel, stainless steel or aluminium. We also pick up entire production processes of customers to give them a hand to grow.

We do this in close collaboration with our customers, because two knows more than one, right? It is the sharing and multiplying of knowledge and successes that makes our work so much fun.

Made-to-measure products go around the world

Our products? We deliver worldwide. Since 1845, we have prided ourselves on providing custom-made products for customers in all kinds of sectors. We are there for the food industry, including slaughtering techniques and pig dehairing, building and construction and water treatment. Our products reach you quickly and are top quality, because we want to deliver nothing less than the best.

Why Nijhuis Group?

We go for speed, sustainability and quality. Our team is great at quickly thinking up and realising your customised projects.

Building a green and growing future together, that’s what we love doing best. Let’s make something better together!

Nijhuis Group.

Your solution for productivity.