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Products for building and construction

The world of construction is unlike any other industry. For instance, the construction industry works mainly on a project basis. Each construction project is unique and can vary in size, budget, location and design. So this means that this industry brings together a wide range of professionals, such as architects, engineers, contractors, construction workers, and electrical and metalwork specialists.

Within Nijhuis Group, we have work planners, engineers and construction staff who have grown up in this construction industry and also have an electrical background. This makes it possible to really think along in solutions for each unique project. We produce all sorts of products for building and construction made to measure.

Together with Wam and Van Duren Bouw, we built a new living and housing environment Marken Haven for Atlant

Customised projects where safety is paramount

The construction industry is highly regulated with strict safety standards and building regulations to ensure worker safety and construction quality. Not only are our projects checked through for force loads. Our colleagues also have the necessary safety certificates to be able and allowed to install everything on construction sites as well.

Examples of different types of products we make are:

  • Safety, ornamental and drop fencing;
  • Customised railings inside and outside buildings;
  • Artworks;
  • Storage systems.

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