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Machinery of Nijhuis Group

The Nijhuis Group’s machinery has an arsenal of operations in house. These range from high-pressure and temperature vulcanisation of natural rubber, riveting, TIG and MIG/MAG welding, turning machine parts, rolling, bending, drilling, cutting, edging, punching, sawing and assembly.

Maintenance and safety

To carry out all work correctly, we have extensive, safe and well-maintained machinery. Our prevention officer and in-house emergency response team continuously take care of the RI&E and the associated tasks and actions. Our own technical service department actively maintains the machines. Furthermore, our company usually takes care of warehouse and logistics tasks itself through our Operations department.

Nijhuis Group machinery in detail

Production hall2.200 m2
Uithoekenvariabele hoek tot 6 mm dikte
Knippentot 3000 x 10 mm
Kantentot 160 ton
lengte tot 4000 mm
Walsen2000 x 10 mm
profiel walsen en conisch walsen ► 220 mm
Zagentot ø 260 mm
dubbelkoloms in verstek
Draaientot ø 550 mm
L = 2000 mm
Buigen300kN, Zopf
PonsenMubea Punch KL 350
BorenRadiaalboor, kolomboren
SnijdenSumma snijmachine en een textielsnijmachine
Lassen  elektrisch
tig – mig – pulsmig
Hijsen      5 x 3,2 ton
Vulkaniseren6 hogedruk persen
Klinken3 klinkmachines tot ø 12 mm
HeftruckHefvermogen 3000 kg en hefhoogte 4910 mm
Robot 2 Comau Racers
Wagenpark2 stuks transport busjes en 2 aanhangers voor alle logistiek
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