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Products for water treatment

Water purification projects play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and availability of our water. It is becoming increasingly important to manage water in a sustainable manner. Together with our customers f.e. Nijhuis Industries, we ensure cleaner water that can be safely used for human consumption, industrial processes, irrigation, and other applications. We do this, for example, by constructing water reservoirs and pipeline projects.

In our large, high halls, we can undertake most major projects. With our experienced team, you can get any water job done!

It’s also nice that there are enough cranes available to handle heavy products.

An impression of our projects

Wastewater transportation and reuse

For the disposal, cleaning, and reuse of wastewater, strict regulations apply. Many water-intensive manufacturing companies must ensure a proper recycling process. Take, for example, paper production, where contamination enters the water during the washing of the pulp and the bleaching and cleaning of the used machines, including paper fibers, chemical additives, inks, and dyes.

Such companies have a complete purification plant in place to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations. We can support customers in all aspects of creating such projects; from assistance with engineering, manufacturing the pipework to installation on-site.

Are you also looking for a partner in water purification? Call us or continue reading to discover which products we can offer!

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