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Products for the food industry

Did you know that manufacturing products in the food industry is a profession in its own right? The sector is driven by the strict standards and regulations that apply to food safety and quality. This requires specific materials, designs, and manufacturing processes that ensure food products are safe for consumption. The combination of these factors makes the products and processes in the food industry both complex and unique and requires a specialized approach in both design and execution.

Maatwerk constructies

From conveyors, boilers, complete machine construction to spare parts for pig dehairing machines; our team knows this industry!

Innovation, knowledge, and quality

At Nijhuis Group, we are proud of our role as a leading specialist in the manufacturing of advanced machines, machine parts for pig dehairing, and constructions for the food industry. This includes boilers, platforms, conveyors, and various specific products, such as organ trays and showers, for slaughtering techniques.

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The food industry is increasingly making use of advanced technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics to improve efficiency, consistency, and quality. This requires continuous innovation and adaptation.

Impression robotising

We automate our own processes for our food products. We then apply this knowledge to our customers’ operations!

With a rich history in slaughtering techniques and a strong focus on innovation and technology, including the automation of our own production processes, we are your reliable partner for solutions that enhance efficiency, quality, and sustainability in the food processing industry.

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