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High-quality constructions

Do you want something tailor-made and you never find what you are looking for? Or do you want a practical solution to a bottleneck in your manufacturing company? We develop and make all kinds of high-quality constructions of stainless steel, aluminum and steel. Whether it’s platforms, ornamental or safety fencing, custom (dust) cabins or adjustments within production environments. We have a great deal of experience, particularly in the food industry. We therefore also ensure that stainless steel constructions are made in a different production hall than the steel constructions.

Maatwerk constructies

Customization for the manufacturing industry

The power lies in customization. After all, there is no standard solution for what you want.

Service, on time and right

First of all, we want to provide the best possible service to our customers. After all, the experience surrounding a project is at least as important as receiving the actual product on time and according to the wishes. Our working method is clear:

  • Clearly identifying your needs;
  • No surprises afterwards. The product is drawn and calculated in advance;
  • Quick and on-time delivery through smart teamwork with our team and suppliers.

Delivering products on time is one of our core qualities. We understand the importance of this all too well, because the product we make for you is often a part of a larger project. And having to wait unnecessarily for your suppliers causes a lot of annoyance and costs money.

Furthermore, our products are characterized by a high level of finishing. Our quality controls are embedded throughout the manufacturing process, so that there is a structured quality control. In addition, we have a good team that is attuned to each other and has a great deal of expertise.

One-stop shop for manufacturing companies

Because we operate so broadly and are experienced, customers can come to us for a partial or complete project. Our versatile professionals think along with clients such as companies in the food industry, contractors, mechanization companies and other steel and construction companies. We develop products that must meet high standards in terms of dimensions and finish, such as fencing, water purification tanks, hatcheries, tanks, elevator shafts and boilers. We can also arrange all kinds of surface treatments for you. In short, a one-stop-shop for your manufacturing company!

Do you also want to have a high-quality construction made? Give us a call or read how we do it at RTS Bouwassist!

Introductory meeting
We believe that the best innovative ideas and solutions come from working closely together. Together with our customers, suppliers and colleagues. Our approach is therefore personal and customized because every relationship and every issue is unique. From the first contact we work on building this lasting relationship by getting to know each other really well.
Delivery process
Every project, every service and every product has a different delivery process. After all, the customer's wishes are leading. In our delivery process, a clear starting point with clear wishes and requirements, excellent quality control, a sacredly guarded delivery time and personal communication and service throughout the process are always central. We believe that the experience of the cooperation process is at least as important as the high-quality end product and meeting the deadline.
One of our core values is 'growth'. Among other things, this means that we always strive to improve. To become better in our work, in our services and in our relationships. By continuously seeking interaction with all parties, daring to look in the mirror and wanting to learn from mistakes, a positive learning curve is created that contributes to the optimization of cooperation throughout the chain.