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Custum solutions for issues

Our company has a rich history in the manufacturing industry that dates back to 1845. Over the years we have therefore become better and better at coming up with different types of custom solutions for all kinds of issues. For example semi-manufactured products and end products. These have all kinds of dimensions and separate shapes made of Rubber, Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium.

Our customers operate in a wide variety of fields, so our focus is clearly on the food industry, health & movement and safety sector. We consciously choose to make high quality products because of their durability. The strength of our team therefore lies in the super-fast devising and implementation of custom solutions for any issues.

Nijhuis Group.

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Pig dehairing

Producing, innovating and just-in-time delivery of pig dehairing parts for slaughterhouses to optimize the slaughter line, prevent breakdowns and minimize parts replacement.
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