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Custom made products of the Nijhuis Group. These go all over the world! On request we also manufacture single pieces and small series of custom-made products for many customers. These include high-quality constructions and (parts of) custom-made machines. But also to safety products and fitness products that contribute to more health through exercise.

All products are characterised by high quality and fast delivery times. And the strength lies in the special versions. These products also contribute to increasing the productivity of our customers.

Nijhuis Group.

Your solution for productivity.

  • Fitness producten

    De fitness producten van de Nijhuis Group zijn samen met onze Manager Health, Dogal Sen, ontwikkeld. Vanuit ervaring en kennis maken wij producten die nog niet bestaan en die vooral gemak en handigheid opleveren. Wij breiden ons productportfolio in rap tempo uit. Houdt deze pagina daarom goed in de gaten!
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  • Veiligheidsproducten

    De veiligheidsproducten van de Nijhuis Group maken maakbedrijven veiliger. Wij engineeren en maken veiligheidshekwerken, aanrijdbeveiligingen, stofcabines en bordessen op maat.
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