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De Tönnies Gruppe

The Nijhuis Group has been cooperating with the Tönnies Gruppe for a long time. Long before we produced pig depilatory products such as depilatory scrapers, cleaning soaps and leg chains. The fact that there were no good depilatory scrapers for sale caused us to start making them ourselves. The product as it exists today was developed in cooperation with the Tönnies Gruppe, the largest slaughterhouse group in Europe.

Scraper block is crucial spare part that determines whether the line continues

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The technical department in the slaughterhouse has the most important task in the slaughterhouse. After all, they ensure that the process runs continuously. A good dehairing block is a crucial spare part. This part determines whether the line is allowed to continue or whether it is stopped by the veterinarian. By properly responding to the needs of this technical department and translating them into the dehairing block, world-class quality is created!