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Security as a success factor

Safety is one of our basic needs. As a company, how do you meet your obligation to provide a safe working environment? Companies can only perform optimally if its employees work from a safe working environment.

Physical and mental safety are therefore inextricably linked. Together with the customer, we make a virtue of necessity by making safety a success factor for business optimization.

Safety first for business optimization

First of all, how do you ensure a safely set up production environment? Then, when you have it safely set up, how do you make sure that all employees follow the rules? After all, the biggest unsafe factor is in human behavior.

And so how do you constructively build a socially emotionally safe workplace? After all, companies where mutual trust and a sense of security are high perform substantially better. Properly managing safety within the organization is an opportunity to achieve better results.

Realization safety: from plan to implementation

We make manufacturing companies safer. First of all, we make a customized plan of action at the customer’s location. If necessary, we do this together with an expert. The professional approach provides a company-wide analysis of the current situation.

Next, the prioritization in addressing the issues is reviewed with the project team. Sometimes a few simple adjustments can solve many bottlenecks. Whatever the issue, we involve the right disciplines in the projects. For example, we have close cooperation between a construction company and an installation company. Every issue is solved under one roof.

After the analysis and planning phase, custom modifications are made. This includes the engineering and making of custom safety fencing, dust booths and landings. We assemble those products on site.

The mindset through coaching

Making the workplace physically safer is one thing. It is also possible to provide the team with explanations and coaching on location. In this way, the mindset becomes embedded in the organization and it really comes to life. MT coaching is also possible. This develops the right tools to structurally work on a (socially) safe working environment.

Would you also like to use safety as a success factor for your business optimization? Call us or read about how we created custom fencing at Sibelco Europe or a complete project at Wienerberger!

S. (Sander) Steenhuizen

Sander Steenhuizen, Manager Operations. My mission: establishing safe and efficient work processes!
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