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Process optimization through growth mindset

How do you, as a manufacturing company, give substance to your future viability? The success of process optimization lies in the degree to whichinvolved employees learn within an organization. Or to put it another way: you achieve process optimization by having engaged employees with a growth mindset. You can think of all sorts of complicated management terms for this. We don’t like complicated so we call it ‘go!‘.

Growth mindset across all business layers

Continuous improvement. That means falling down, getting up, learning and moving on again. It seems so simple. Within manufacturing companies this is an enormous challenge. How do you ensure the correct matching of technologies, people and other resources so that (process) innovation occurs? And how do you subsequently ensure that a learning organization with committed employees is created? We play the game of combining these hard and soft skills on a daily basis. We have even formulated these in our core values .

We are a manufacturing company with various teams and therefore encounter the same recognizable issues as our customers. We can therefore translate our experience into customer-specific situations. After all, every company is different and it remains a people business. And it is precisely in the human aspect that the core lies for an organization to successfully respond to the rapidly changing environment. And once the mindset is right, you can change and devise, create and implement new process adjustments.

A workable system for process optimization

We guide companies in how they can continuously improve their processes. It may be a strategic question from the management. Or a tactical question from the managers and planners. Or an operational question from the shop floor: we offer process support where necessary, so that each company gets the most out of it.

Process optimization through custom transport trestles

A good example of a product that came about due to a process issue are our transport trestles. We were hindered by raw materials that were not delivered properly. This meant that we were unable to process the rubber rolls properly. We were also left with many disposable pallets.

By transporting our rubber rolls on our special trestles, the problem was solved. Also, this provides a sustainable solution, as the cost of disposable pallets is avoided. These trestles are now even sold to our rubber suppliers, who use them with other customers!

Another example is the rolling carts made for Gaudium. Again, a cart is a sustainable process solution that, when customized, easily pays for itself.

Process optimization through innovation

Nijhuis Group participated in the Cobotpool. In cooperation with RCT Achterhoek research has been done into thedeployability of a Cobot in the production process of the Nijhuis Group. We now have a clear picture of how a Cobot can support us in our process in the future.