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Health through movement

Health through movement is the basis for a good quality of life. After all, you function better with good physical and mental health. Employee health therefore contributes directly to productivity and thus to business success.

A healthy and active life for everyone

Many studies have shown that sufficient exercise makes an immediate positive contribution to physical and mental health. You prevent diseases of affluence and you build up resistance.

Many people now work through Corona from home and get less exercise. The youth plays less and less outside. Heavy physical work disappears. In spite of the need to exercise, it is becoming an increasing challenge to meet this challenge.

We allow everyone to live an active healthy life maximized according to their own abilities. We therefore want to contribute to a world with a full integration of movement in our society. This includes much more than just sports. Think about it:

  • schools with exercise plans that give classes indoors and outdoors;
  • faster to use the bike instead of the car;
  • a team meeting combined with an activity;
  • breaks that become active by walking;
  • exercise before, during or after work by offering flexible working hours.

We work towards a healthy work environment and encourage our colleagues to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Making products for movement

From our love for and the fraternization through sports and the passion to come up with innovative productive solutions together, we want to stimulate more exercise by making fitness products. It is simply great to develop something that is used for something necessary, namely your health. The positive side effect of this is that our products contribute directly to productivity and thus to business success. And that fits nicely with our company mission!

Fitness products of the Nijhuis Group

Nijhuis Group develops and manufactures all kinds of (custom) fitness articles for indoor and outdoor use. For example, we offer squat racks, rigs, rods and dumbbells in any desired colour. You have come to the right place, especially for customised adjustments. For example, we can take care of the complete furnishing of a gym or make a squat rack in a different colour and size.

Because we work with nutrition and exercise experts, you will immediately have the right advice. We don’t just supply gyms either. Companies that want to get in touch with more exercise on the work floor in an accessible way can also contact us for an exercise programme with accompanying products.

Our services are focused on convenience, accessibility and accessibility. We can make a drawing of an idea, produce it and place it. Even for custom work we have short delivery times. In this way you can easily furnish your gym indoors and outdoors in an optimal way or provide your company with a moving space.

How is movement and health stimulated within Nijhuis Group?

For example, we encourage employees who do a lot of seated work to walk during breaks. There is also an outdoor area that offers the possibility of sports and games. We also offer our employees a Periodic Medical Examination, which raises awareness of the importance of healthy working, exercise and living.

Following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are paying extra attention to the health of our employees by tightening our hygiene regulations.

First of all, our canteen and business premises have recently been enlarged. In this way we ensure there is enough space between all colleagues to work safely. In addition, we have developed a number of products that help to easily comply with these rules. Think of wide planters, dispensers and counter and desk coughing screens. In this way we contribute to the health of our colleagues.

Buy directly from the manufacturer: loyal and sustainable

In the near future it will become increasingly important to produce and buy locally. After all, you want to know whether the products have been made under conditions that are safe, sustainable, in accordance with the rules, at least environmentally harmful and fair in the chain.

However, you also don’t want to pay too much unnecessarily. With us you buy directly from the producer. The cooperation is personal, because you know who makes it. The earnings flow back to the company to further invest in the employees and in the company to produce even more sustainable and innovative products. This creates a positive development spiral. Strong together.

D. (Dogal) Sen

Dogal Sen, Manager Health. My mission: making employees work on health on a structural basis!
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