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Team Nijhuis Group

Team Nijhuis Group is developing, growing and always looking for reinforcements. Against the current, we manage to increase the size of the team without much effort.

Team Nijhuis Group

How do we do it?

So the trick is to have discipline and a clear raison d’être. Also in giving autonomy and appreciation. After all, success does not come in a day. We are true to our core values every day and we all actively contribute to our “work family”.

We value each other and together achieve a healthy work-life balance. We clearly know what we want to achieve and that each of us plays an important role in our own right. Together, we are strong. And does everything always go well for us? No, certainly not! We are always learning. But it is precisely when there are issues to be resolved that our true constructive nature comes to the fore.

Employees have their say

Some of our colleagues talk about working for the Nijhuis Group. Find out why they like working with us.

Employees speak: Lars

Lars: construction worker, welder and turner

“The working atmosphere is pleasant and there are good colleagues to work with. The work is varied and there is plenty of room to learn new things and take training courses. I started out as a turner, for example, and in the meantime I have earned the necessary welding diplomas.

Employees speak: Liliane

Liliane: construction worker, welder and turner

“I was given the opportunity by my employer to retrain as a welder. The atmosphere in our company is pleasant and the work is instructive and varied. I thought that as a woman it would be a lot harder in the ‘man’s world’. I can prove that this is also a job for women!

Employees speak: TIm

Tim: all-round construction fitter, welder, work planner in training

“I ended up here through my internship. I like the fact that it is a company where you know each other by name. Everyone is very collegial and the lines are short. This makes it easy to consult with others and to contribute ideas. The work is diverse, so that there is always variety.”

Employees speak: Maikel

Maikel: employee R&D and TD specialising in mechatronics

“The management has an innovative vision of the future and accepts the challenge of continuous improvement. There is an eye for atmosphere and the human factor within the company. There is also plenty of opportunity for self-development and growth through training and sharing experiences with others.”

Joel Freriks

Joel: all-round construction worker and welder, work planner in training

“In our company you are heard and acted upon. We also do a lot of personal development. Everyone is involved in taking the company to the next level. The collegiality is good, people work hard and laugh. You notice that everyone has a heart for the business.

Jarno: all-round construction/fitter, welder

“What attracted me was the manageable team. You know everyone and get along well with each other. In addition, the diversity of the work is a big plus. Every day I do something different. The work fits in perfectly with my passion and profession.”