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Discover how we implement sustainability

Discover how we implement sustainability. Our company has a long-term vision. Much attention is paid to establishing sustainable relationships with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Building added value with and for each other. And therefore building a stable company for the generations to come. 

Focus on sustainable business

An energy-neutral Achterhoek by 2030. That is the goal we have set together in our region. We think it’s logical that everyone does their bit: including us.

First of all is saving energy and ensuring sustainable, future-proof business operations is important to us. That is why we participate proactively in Achterhoek Onderneemt Duurzaam (AOD).

Sustainability in relationships

Secondly the Nijhuis Group’s core values ensure the creation of lasting relationships. Our rich history shows that many of our relations have existed for over a century! We have little turnover in our team. Our team is also extremely diverse. At least a third of our team is female, a quarter has a different origin than the Dutch, there are colleagues with a disability on the labour market and our MT consists of ladies for half!

Product Durability

Thirdly we give substance to sustainability by making our products from materials that are manufactured locally with certificates. This way, we know where these raw materials come from and what they contain within the framework of REACH. We also choose the high-quality versions of the substances, so that our products are proven to last two to four times as long and do not contain any harmful substances for your health. This also makes a considerable difference in the use of raw materials. A double profit, for the environment and the customer.


Furthermore, in terms of sustainability, we make sure that our waste streams are properly recycled. Not only is all material disposed of separately. We also compact our waste. Furthermore, there is a daily focus on making maximum use of the raw materials, so that nothing ends up in the bin unnecessarily. In addition, we are currently researching whether we can make new products from our waste. In this way, our waste is given renewed value and we give substance to a circular economy.

Sustainable premises and production(process)

Last but not least we’re constantly looking beyond the organisational level to see whether we can adopt a stronger sustainability strategy. We are also proactively tackling the sustainability of our machine park and premises. For example, our premises and our production process with its machines have been extensively scrutinised by the DOE-Scan of Achterhoek Onderneemt Duurzaam. The overhaul of a high-pressure press has already led to 30% energy savings.

Durable transport trestles

A good example of how a sustainable product can come about is our transport trestles. We had a process-issue, because we were hindered by raw materials that were not delivered properly. This meant that we were unable to process the raw materials properly. We were also stuck with a lot of disposable pallets.

By transporting our rubber rolls on our special trestles, the problem was solved. This is also a sustainable solution, as the cost of disposable pallets is avoided. These trestles are now even sold to our rubber suppliers, who use them for other customers!

With practical plans and by developing and making our own products we are actively working on sustainability!