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Core values Nijhuis Group

Core values of the Nijhuis Group can be summarized as ‘Growing Honestly Together’. They are also defined by our colleagues themselves. These values contribute to our growth. By actively observing them, it is clear to us which behavior we value and which we do not. This creates sustainable relationships.

Growing together honestly

Groei mindset

We hold each other to our core values, we live them and carry them forward in all our encounters and communications with our associates.

This means that we:

  • be open and honest in all situations;
  • be respectful in our attitudes and behaviors;
  • actively contribute to our team, thereby building trust;
  • continuously develop ourselves as a company and individual so that we grow.

Growth Mindset

All colleagues are growing. We do this through our learning organization, or growth mindset. For example, we facilitate internal and external training and we encourage personal development. We focus on:

  • lifelong learning;
  • finding a good balance between home and work;
  • paying attention to health and well-being;
  • coaching on attitude and behavior;
  • picking up new work, so that everyone becomes all-round employable.

By listening carefully to each other, we put everyone to his or her strengths as much as possible. We look at the individual and at the group as a whole.

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